The art of progress is to preserve order amid change and to preserve change amid order. -Alfred North Whitehead



On the following pages you will find nine stories, describing various situations relevant to organizations, business, management, and leadership. You are to imagine yourself in the situation described. Each story offers three alternative courses of action.

For each of the stories you are asked to select one of the three courses of action. Read each story carefully and try, as much as possible, to imagine that the story really applies to you, personally. Then, by selecting the appropriate button, select the course of action that you would take.

You may find that you like all of the options. In that case you would select the one you prefer most. Or, you might decide that you don't like any of the options. Even so, you must pick the one you dislike least.

In order to score the CSPI you must select a course of action for each of the nine stories you cannot skip any. This is not a "test." The situations are designed to help you assess your personal preferences with regard to change strategy.